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Traditional Kemp Embellished Bangles

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Material: Natural Terracotta Clay

Size: Available in all sizes

About the Product: You must not be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling! Terracotta traditional bangles with kemp and kundhan stone embellishments. kemp stones are semi-precious stones. the terracotta pieces are embellished on the silk thread bangle.

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With a minimum amount of care your terracotta jewellery will continue to be as good as new for a longer duration of time.
• Avoid wearing it during shower or swim. If the jewellery gets wet, wipe it with a clean cloth and dry it.
• Avoid keeping it with other accessories to prevent scratches.
• Prevent it to come in contact with perfumes, chemicals, alcohols & cosmetics.
• Avoid keeping any heavy thing on jewellery as it may break.
• If the jewellery falls from a good distance it may break.